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HORTLITE GL04A 750W Professional Dimmable Greenhouse Full Spectrum Plant Commercial Led Grow Light

Short Description:

Model #: MGL04A

Exact Power: 750W

PPF: 2100μmol/s


Input Volt: AC120-277V

Dimensions: 45.3in x 43.5in x 3in

Weight: 14kg

Certificate: ETL / CE / FCC / ISO

Dimmable Option: 0-10V Dimming/ RJ Dimming

Warranty: 5 years

IP Rating: IP 65

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The Hortlite LED Grow Light System is a programmable, full-spectrum light for indoor horticulture. Our color blend goes beyond the optimization of the photosynthetic process. Hortlite grow fixtures generate light peaks that correspond to the most efficient wavelength absorption ranges for the chlorophylls. Just as importantly, they produce significant broad-spectrum coverage spanning the ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths that are key to other light-sensitive biological processes in terrestrial plants. Coupled with serious power, this combination benefits appearance. Efficient growth of 2.8 μmol/J, up to 640 WATTS of power consumption, improves plant growth efficiency.

Hortlite Smart Control System

Light is essential for plant growth and health, but all plants need rest. Darkness is crucial for plants to carry out the chemical processes they need. Plants do not require lights to be switched on 24 hours. It is a good idea to install a timer that controls how long your grow lights are switched on. The accompanying mobile app lets you create custom light cycles by day over time. Both vegetative and flowering light conditions can be produced in a single program. Whether you grow orchids, herbs, vegetables, o cannabis, the narrow wavelength control groups enable you to hone on the light recipe that promotes the characteristics you desire. Whether you wish to shorten the period from seedling to harvest or reproduce the photo period and characteristics of a specific geographic location for hard to keep plants, the Hortlite smart control gives you the power to achieve your goals.

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Professional LED Fixture

Aluminum die-casting shell can resist vibration, drops, accumulation of pressure and other external forces to protect the internal structure. It is thin and light enough to keep the weight at a low level. The fin structure on the back effectively dissipates heat to keep the LED working well for a long time. The slim design grow light fixture is foldable up to 180 degrees, making it small, compact, and easy to install.

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