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HORTLITE LED grow lights for indoor farming

During the growing season, the sun shines on a vertical surface at an extreme angle such that much less light is available to crops than when they are planted on flat land. Therefore, supplemental light would be required.

● Traditional agriculture's demand for arable land is too great and invasive to be sustainable for future generations. With rapid population growth, arable land per person in 2050 is projected to be about 66 percent less than it was in 1970. In some cases, vertical farming yields ten times more crops per acre than traditional methods. Unlike traditional farming in non-tropical areas, indoor farming can grow crops year-round. All-season farming can increase the productivity of acreage by four to six times, depending on the crop. For crops like strawberries, the coefficient can be as high as 30.

● Vertical agriculture also allows the production of a wider variety of harvestable crops because it uses isolated crop sectors. Unlike traditional farms, which harvest one crop per season, vertical farms allow many different crops to be grown and harvested at the same time, depending on their plots. Vertically grown produce has a shorter distance to the store than traditional farming. Compared to traditional farming, vertical farming produces produce that can travel a short distance to the store.

● Experts in vertical agriculture discussed plant breeding, pest management and engineering techniques at the USDA and DOE Vertical Agriculture Symposium. Pest control (such as insects, birds and rodents) is easy on vertical farms because the area is well controlled. There is no need for chemical pesticides and it is easier to grow organic crops than conventional farming.

● Hortlite LED Grow Light is ideal for vertical farming, with the top fitting nicely into the shelves where plants grow. The very thin design allows for significant space savings, allowing for a wider range of planting





Full Spectrum

HORTLITE independently developed a unique spectrum for optimal plant growth. Plants grow faster and taller thanks to a proprietary blend of blue, green, and red light.


Expert Consultation

Not sure how to start with your grow lighting project? HORTLIT’s lighting engineer assist with everything from product selection to lighting layouts and installation advice.


Save Money

Our energy–efficient LED lighting saves money(energy). Plus, HORTLIT’s fixtures are smaller than others helps you save extra cost.


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Our vertically–integrated supply chain includes factory will finish the production asap. And we have 50,000ft warehouse in US will narrow shipping time.


Hortlite’s all-purpose grow light spectrum creates ideal conditions for any greenhouse.