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HORTLITE GL01 650W Professional Dimmable Greenhouse Full Spectrum Plant Commercial Led Grow Light

Short Description:

Model #: MGL01

Exact Power: 650W

PPF: 1690μmol/s


Input Volt: AC120-277V

Dimensions: 120*16*15cm

Weight: 11kg Certificate: ETL / DLC / CE / FCC / ISO

Dimmable Option: 25% / 50% / 75% / 100% / RJ Dimming

Warranty: 5 years

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Why use LED grow lights?

Sunlight contains various wavelengths of light, which plants absorb. Among them, chlorophyll, which performs photosynthesis, absorbs mainly blue (400-500 nm) and red (600-700 nm) wavelengths of light. Hortlite Grow Lights has wavelengths that can be used for efficient photosynthesis in low light conditions.


Product Preview

Hortlite LED plant grow lights help growers control the seasons and give plants the best growing environment. The slim form factor minimize the shadow cast on the plant canopy, allowing for more efficient light penetration and distribution. Make your plants grow like crazy with specially designed light uniformity and more suitable light area and light time.


Remote smart control

Using a standard horticultural lighting driver, it is capable of 0-10V dimming and can be paired with Hortlite Grow Light Smart Controller to adjust up to 100 lights simultaneously. The smart controller can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth and easily controlled using your phone! Download the corresponding software on the phone, Bluetooth connection to the controller, you can adjust the power, switch the timing on the phone.

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Perfect Full Spectrum

The use of 2835 size lamp beads, compared to 3030 more economical. Specially deployed full spectrum fills the negligence of the main photoreceptors and pigments outside the 660nm and 450nm range. This makeup results in far more potent plants, with greater terpene concentration, and larger yields.


Premium LED Source

The lamp beads used in this GL01 also feature high brightness, low attenuation, low energy consumption, long life, and high anti-static capability. The lamp beads are arranged more densely, but through the GL01 good heat dissipation design, the maximum to ensure that the lamps play the maximum role for a long time to ensure the good growth of plants.


What can I Grow

Ideal for use in commercial or home grow applications for full-cycle plant growth of leafy greens (green butter, romaine, green crisp, etc.), herbs (arugula, basil, chives, rosemary, thyme, etc.), flowers (African violets, begonias, orchids, gardenias), carnivorous plants, vegetables (squash, peppers, legumes, carrots, etc.), fruits (tomatoes, citrus, strawberries, cucumbers, etc.), flowers (African violets, begonias, orchids, gardenias, etc.), tropical plants, carnivorous plants and for the vegetative and flowering stage of cannabis growth.


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