What is LED grow light?

LED grow light is a new high-tech product that has emerged along with LED white light lighting in the last five years or so. Many chinese research institutes on the "effect of different LED light quality on plants" experiments have only been started or completed in recent years. The quality of LED horticulture lighting is determined by the chip, and the quality of the chip used in the current plant light is not good enough, so we can only choose the imported chip package LED lamp beads also produce LED plant light, so the production cost of lamps is high. However, due to its many advantages such as accurate light quality and artificial combination adjustment, high photosynthetic radiation per unit power consumption, good plant light supplement effect and low operating cost (super power saving), it is favored by agricultural research institutes and intelligent plant factories all over the world.


However, since 2012, some private artisanal workshops have joined the manufacturing camp. These people do not understand agricultural technology, there is no product experimental conditions, do not consider the safety problem, just the purchase of components assembled at will, the finished product price is super cheap. Such inferior and ineffective so-called "LED plant lights" are disrupting the otherwise difficult market environment, which is the current situation facing the white LED market.

Therefore, the choice of LED plant light, also want to shine your eyes, the best choice before 2012 factory, product quality assurance, brand, reasonable price products, not cheap and suffer huge economic losses and safety accidents.

Post time: Sep-19-2022
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